Farmhouse of the Palms – Paradise in East Algarve

When I received the invitation to stay at Farmhouse of the Palms, I felt so happy and grateful that I probably told everyone about it! My intention was not to brag. It's just that I rarely get invited to a place. This is something you should know about our blog. If we have the chance to stay at a place for free or test something for free you'll know about it. This is simply our way of communication. But we never get paid to say something specific about a place. Every text and recommendation is truly ours and we do not accept money for 'good recommendations'.

Ok, let's go back to this magical place called Farmhouse of the Palms. I arrived on a Sunday evening and as my parents live just 5 minutes away, the owners Frank and Véronique were so kind to invite them for a delicious Portuguese dinner with Fado. We first visited the house with Frank. He told us everything about its history. Actually, there where two houses – the old and bigger one where the guests live and the 'new' one where the kind couple Frank and Véronique live. The old one is over 200 years old and is where the owner of the farm used to live. The new one is about 150 years old and was used as a residence for the people working on the farm.

Private Terrace

The farm is so beautifully renovated and you can see that they've put a lot of effort and love in preserving the old. My father worked his whole life in construction (he's all about perfection) and he was impressed by the renovation work. Old Portuguese floors and materials were used or remained. The interior is very clean and all the whites highlight the house construction even more. Frank and Véronique even preserved the old bread oven and the fireplace where the ancient Portuguese family used to smoke the 'choriços' (Portuguese sausage similar to the Spanish chorizo). The gardens around the house are a dream, palms and beds everywhere. I also love the black tiled pool. Something I've never seen before.

I had the honor to stay in the 'special' room which has its own terrace and bed outside! The view took my breath away and in that very precious moment, I wish I would never ever have to leave. Little side note: If you're looking for a location to spend your honeymoon, this is it! My room was enormous and I guess the others are pretty big too. There where two families with kids and they had enough space for the whole family in one room. In total, the farm has only five rooms. This makes everything very personal. Frank and Véronique serve breakfast themselves. They are very attentive. The breakfast at Farmhouse of the Palms is delicious and varies daily. You get quantity AND quality: fresh orange juice, smoothie, meat, cheese, bread, eggs, crêpes, coffee, homemade jam and much more.

I could go on and on writing about this amazing place. But I guess, you just have to visit yourself!

Delicious breakfast that varies every day.

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