Vila Monte – Farm House, Olhão

Growing up partly in Algarve, it's obvious that I don't get to know many hotels, guesthouses or bed and breakfasts. My parents had and have a house nearby Faro and about four years ago they bought an apartment near Tavira. I know what you're thinking right know: you lucky girl! YES, I am a really fortunate girl. To have a place to escape to where the sun shines 3036 hours a year is amazing (by the way Zurich has 1566 hours of sunshine a year!). However, sometimes I would love to explore the cool and stylish new places in Algarve, so I can tell you about them. But it feels weird to pay for a hotel just 15 min away from your parent's home where you have a free room. So this September, I decided to visit some places for breakfast, coffee or lunch. Chat with the owners. So I'm happy that I can present you really amazing places in Algarve soon. Meanwhile, there is a place that we want to share with you (because the time won't probably be enough to visit all of them). It's on our list for next year. But I've seen such beautiful pictures from friends that I'm sure I can recommend it without having been there.

Enjoy looking at the picture of Vila Monte – Farm House. We surly do, over and over again!

Pictures by Vila Monte – Farm House