Casa Opala

We stumbled over Casa Opala through Instagram, to be honest. We first saw Casa Cubista's ceramics on the picture and therefore knew that this apartment must have style! Casa Opala is your luxurious home in Olhão. We personally like to feel at home when on vacation. There are two kind of homes that we ideally combine when we're traveling (not only in Portugal). On one hand, we love to stay in cute little hotels where you're treated like a king/queen, where a healthy and delicious breakfast is always ready in the morning. On the other hand, we appreciate a place where we can truly feel like at home, where we can cook for ourselves and don't have to share it with other tourists. Casa Opala offers you exactly that – a home away from home. Only that this home has a private rooftop pool - oh my! The beautifully restored fishermen's house was decorated with a good eye for traditional handcraft and modern simplicity.

Casa Opala is situated in Olhão. As already mentioned in other posts, I grew up in that area and for me it's one of the most relaxing places ever. You can have the freshest fish at the very well known fish market of Olhão (in August they have a big seafood festival!!). Many beautiful islands are accessible by boat from there. So, if you're traveling with your family or friends and you need a bigger place to stay at and appreciate modern and traditional interior design, you have an excellent address now!

Pictures by Casa Opala