Toino Abel – Portuguese Handmade Baskets

Toino Abel started in 2010 as a way to promote Portuguese basket making craft. In a way craft and all ancient techniques have survived because there was always someone who found interest trough generations on this. Nuno Henriques' (founder) was not seeing a single person getting interested in this craft – so he thought that he just had to get into it himself. In 2013 he moved from Berlin, Germany to Coz, Portugal, his grandfather's village in the center of Portugal, in order to work closely with the remaining artisans. Today he has more new people working with him which is great!

Toino Abel's bags are done in a hand loom with vegetable fibers. The whole process is handmade and they only work with materials from the natural world trying to respect nature as much as possible. For instances, they only use vegetable tanned leather and source all suppliers as near as they can.

Taste of Portugal. wants to help promoting the Portuguese handcraft and we are therefore very happy to welcome Toino Abel to our online store!

Pictures by Toino Abel