A Sociedade – Where creative and inspiring people come together

We've been following A Sociedade for a while now. And we're in love with the project! So far we didn't have the chance to visit a workshop but we know some people who did and loved it. We are desperately waiting for the next "Flower Styling Workshop". Maybe if you are interested too, we could organize one? Would be a great idea, don't you think? A weekend get away in Lisboa with a creative workshop!

This past weekend I (Founder Liliana Isabel) was in Lisboa for a quick visit and accidentally walked by the A Sociedade. If you know me, you'd probably know what I did. Yes, I walked in and asked if I can take some pictures and of course got into talking to the lovely and kind makers. And you know what? They know Taste of Portugal and also follow us on Instagram! I felt so proud and happy. YAY!

A Sociedade is a place where creative and inspiring people from all over the world come together and learn from each other. Their mission is: "We felt the need to provide a space for those who want to learn more about food and exchange their thoughts and concerns with regards to the food industry and bring to light bright ideas. Our goal is to help develop a "taste education"."

Three companies connected to the area of food complement each other, both in terms of information, such as know-how. The companies are: Food, People & Design, a specialist in design, photography, marketing and food communication; Azeitona Verde an organic farm producer of olive oil; and Bananal Food Lab, specialist in creative kitchen.

The studio can also be yours! If you're planing an event, brand release, photo shooting or else, you can also rent the space. More information about that here.

We are looking forward to meeting many of you in a workshop at A Sociedade!

Pictures by Taste of Portugal.