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Juan loves people, their stories and Porto. These are three of the main reasons that lead him to open his amazing home to everyone: myhomeinporto. Juan welcomes you with friendliness and openness and makes you immediately feel at home. Everywhere you look, you’ll find beautiful plants and flowers mixed with traditional handcraft, art and vintage furniture. We sat down on a rainy Monday afternoon and talked about life, interior design and of course our love for Portugal.

Juan grew up between Extremadura, Spain, and Brittany, France (his father was Spanish and his mother French). He studied law and afterwards geography. Back in 1997/98 he did an Erasmus exchange program in Coimbra, Portugal. It’s when he fell in love with Portugal. Juan’s life impressed us and we felt connected and inspired at the same time. Mostly because he seems to follow his passions and change doesn’t scare him. In fact, he never worked in law or geography. Instead, he first opened his own restaurant. Years later he made the next big change in his life, a career as interior designer. This step brought him back to Lisboa, where he worked for 7 years before moving to Porto.

We were wondering why Juan loves the north of Portugal so much. Most people opt for the warm south or hip Lisboa. He simply adores the people’s kindness and mercy in Porto. There is a special vibe in this northern city. It’s less busy. It’s authentic. And the colors of the houses, the tiles are even more spectacular and magnificent than in Lisboa.

When we asked why he did not move to Spain, he just answered that he simply loves the rhythm, the language, the culture, the food and the people in Portugal and also because of the Portuguese handcraft. Young Portuguese people are discovering the traditional handcraft and can relate to the importance of its heritage. They don’t only try to keep it but they also try to develop it, to bring a contemporary touch to it.

Thank you Juan, for your time, your stories and inspiration. We love your home! And to all friends of mine, visit myhomeinporto – you will not be disappointed!

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