Aires Mateus

Well, we are no professional architects. Therefore, our posts on architecture are simply a very personal opinion. We curate architecture projects that we adore and admire. Aires Mateus caught our attention with their work on Casas na Areia or Cabanas no Rio. We were blown away by the simplicity and connection to nature. In Casas na Areia you literally live on sand. The spaces in their work play with an interesting contrast of full and void. Somehow the spaces are reduced to the minimum but the lights, nature and materials enrich the atmosphere in a way that it still feels warm and personal.

The project "House in Litoral Alentejano" is amazing. The whites, pureness and elegance in combination with the landscape from Alentejo makes us wanna move in right away. We guess that the actual owner would not appreciate!

Architects: Manuel Aires Mateus, Francisco Aires Mateus

Collaborators: Maria Rebelo Pinto, Patrícia Marques

Photography: Daniel Malhão

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