SANTA CLARA 1728 – A Family House

Santa Clara 1728 was born as a house that brings warmth and comfort to travel. The renovation was carried out under the guidance of the well known Portuguese architect Manuel Aires Mateus. The owner‘s aim was not only to respect the original heritage, but also add serenity and comfort through the purity which defines Manuel Aires Mateus’ architecture. Traditional materials such as the Limestone Marble “Lioz” from Sintra, Pine wood floors and handmade tiles, are the main interior materials used at Santa Clara 1728. It‘s a new concept of tourism and yes it is a rather expensive stay but if you appreciate architecture and design as well as privacy and exclusivity, this is an amazing place to experience.

Santa Clara 1728 is located in Chiado. From there you can perfectly discover the city‘s inner core by foot.

Dinner Ceia is a dinner concept by Silent Living (the brand behind Santa Clara 1728 and other houses in Portugal). You‘ll have to book your dinner in advance but it is worth the experience.

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Pictures 1-4 by Rençe Kemps

Pictures 5-7 by Muse & Makers

Pictures 8-11 by Nelson Garrido