Portuguese Coriander Pesto

Yes, we have Pesto too! I remember my father always garnishing his grilled fish with coriander, garlic and olive oil. He used a LOT of garlic and that's why I never wanted to try it. The other day I found a "Coriander Pesto" recipe in my Portuguese cooking book and realized that that's what my father used to put on his fish (just with less garlic). We tried it out and loved it! It's not only delicious on grilled fish but also with meat or spaghetti. Or even on toasted bread. We're big fans now and it's so easy and fast to make:


handfull of coriander

2 garlic clove

100 ml olive oil


  1. Pick the coriander leaves into a blender and add a bit of olive oil and the garlic. Blend everything together.

  2. Fill a jam glass with the pesto and add the rest of olive oil.

  3. I like to cut some extra coriander very tiny and add it. Gives a bit more of texture.