Pão de Ló – Portuguese Sponge Cake

This cake is probably the easiest one to bake, ever! Do you have eggs, flour, butter and sugar at home? Well, than you're all set. Pão-de-ló is, in my opinion, very underrated. Some people might say it is boring. But we love it! This time we baked it for a special birthday kid and decorated it with some berries and powdered sugar. So simple, but so delicious.

And here some history behind the wonderful Pão-de-ló:

This cake was once served to a King of Portugal and has become a traditional cake famous throughout Portugal. In Portuguese tradition, it is said that this cake has its origins from the Monastery of Stª. Maria de Cós, a nuns convent which was founded in the Twelfth century by Abott D. Fernando in Cós, Alcobaça, Portugal. Around the Fourteenth century, the nuns of the monastery taught the Pão-de-ló , recipe to local women of the nearby town of Alfeizerão which is a few miles from Alcobaça and was the home town of the Sir Knight Vitorino Froes, a close friend of the then King Don Carlos. The King often visited Knight Froes estate S. Martinho do Porto, where the best delicacies and desserts where served. Pão-de-ló was a favorite and revered dessert at that time. The legend is that, on one occasion, the cake was served slightly unbaked which gave it a runny consistency in the middle upon slicing it. However, the king instantly fell in love with this cake and from then on insisted it be served in this same way.


3 eggs

6 egg yolk

180 g sugar

100 g flour


Powdered sugar, berries and peppermint for decoration


  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, air circulation

  2. Blend the sugar and eggs together until it becomes creamy

  3. Add the flour

  4. Grease the baking mold with butter, line it with baking paper and also grease the baking paper

  5. Bake in the oven for about 35 min

  6. Let the cake cool off and than decorate it with berries and powdered sugar