Shopping in Lisboa

My shopping list is mostly for those of you who love to bring back home local design and handcraft or food. When I'm shopping in Lisboa or in another city besides my home, I want to buy me something special, something I can not find at home. And in case you should get back home and feel like you forgot something, let me know, I'll might have it soon on Taste of Portugal.'s online store beginning of December 2016 (available in Switzerland only, so far).

My favorites:

Timeout Market (food and souvenirs)

A Vida Portuguesa (Portuguese lifestyle)

Embaixada (beautiful building and Portuguese handcraft, souvenirs)

Loja Real (for all slow fashion addicts and eco-mommies, I love the Portuguese fashion brand "Oka")

Mercearia do Século (food)

Amélie au Théâtre (for the special, funky dinner outfit)

LX Factory (for hipsters)

NOTO (for interior design lovers)

Luvaria Ulisses (gloves, gloves, gloves)


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