Casas na Areia

Casas Na Areia is located 1 hour south from Lisbon, in Comporta - Portugal. This region is known for the magnificent white sandy beaches, the wine, fresh fish, the rice paddies and the pine trees. It's integrated on the natural reserve of river Sado, home to a great variety of wild life such as flamingos, storks and dolphins. It's one of the best places in Portugal for bird watching. You can easily see up to 100 different species in just 1 day.

Casas Na Areia is located near the small fishing village of Carrasqueira. Here you can visit the unique Palafitte Harbour of Carrasquiera - a jetty on stilts. This was a creative solution for the local fishing community to access the boats during low tied, since the banks of the river get very muddy. Here at sunset you can enjoy unique experiences and breathtaking images of the Sado.

It's a project by the Portuguese architect Manuel Aires Mateus, the idea is that the sand transported to the interior becomes the unifying element between internal and external worlds, making us believe we live in an extension of the natural environment. This particularity transforms the space scale and living in this houses more poetic and comfortable. This project, conceived over the« innocence» of old local buildings, confirms the lost paradigm of life:« happiness is based on the intelligent use of simplicity».

The Construction, In order to recover the «soul» of the pre-existent constructions and respecting the local traditions, four separate houses were built: two of wood and reeds, and the other two in white concrete, all with thatched roofs - local material harvested on the banks of river Sado. The construction of the huts were made by António Pinela, a local artisan, that every 6 to 6 years has to renew the reeds and thatch.

The living room is an open space “hut” and the common area of the “Casas”. The fully equipped kitchen is integrated in a beautiful white corian structure and the eating area has a Bigfoot E15 table that sits eight. The living space invites for relaxation on the white Gervasoni Ghost Sofas. Furthermore, the beach sand floor can be heated in winter.

The Bedrooms, have concrete floors and minimalist white Corian open plan Bathrooms and the white linen fabric curtains and the Gervasoni Gost Beds contrast with the wooden trunks as bed side tables. The Garden, was left wild with its spontaneous vegetation on the dunes. Small, (sandy coloured), swimming pool to refresh the warm summer days. In the pool area, outdoor furniture by Kettal and a big daybed is built on a local fishing boat.

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