Casa no Tempo

The Project Casa No Tempo has been in the family for many years. It was the makers' granddad’s will that they look after it until the next generation. Being aware of his vision they tried to aim higher, connecting the past with the coming future, leaving out the marks of time, in search for a peaceful and timeless place. The renovation was carried out under the orientation of our their friend, the architect Manuel Aires Mateus.

The House The main concern was to have the house open to the vastness of the property and welcome nature’s gifts through the large windows of every room. All floors are paved with local clay blocks (heated in winter); fully equipped kitchen is integrated in a beautiful white marbled structure, open to the dining table in front of a huge window overlooking a 400 sqmt swimming pool; Lounge is a luminous area with white sofas and a beautiful fireplace corner; The 4 suites are spacious with a mixture of modern bedding and local wooden furniture; Walk-in showers and toilets with ultimate finishing over handmade tiles; Equipped with Davide Groppie lights, furniture Living Divanni, Lefroy & Brooks water taps.

The Garden One thousand acres of cork trees, pastures, wild fields, two dams, five ponds, streams and brooks. Here and there timeless granitic stones outcrop the green and stand by the trees or water as nature’s random signposts, inviting guests to explore and journey through the welcoming flat land. A 400 sqmt swimming pool tears up the pasture with its modern design and sand colored plaster. In the pool area, parasols made of old sets of sails offer sunshade over the comfy daybeds by Living Divanni.

Outdoors Casa No Tempo is 1 hour south of Lisbon in Montemor o Novo, Alentejo, and a short drive to Évora city, UNESCO world heritage site. Alentejo is the unspoilt Portugal, well known for its unique and peaceful landscape with its vast golden plains. Olive trees and oak trees provide the only shades. There are bicycles for the guests to use free of charge. You can go for a swimm sin the pool, fishing in the dams or horse riding their horses and ponies (professional instructor available on call for horse riding lessons in our riding ring). There are cows, sheep, goats, egg picking from the chicken yard, ducks, peacocks, dogs. Enjoy a picnic around the lakes or the streams and discover their farm products, such as honey, goat cheese, organic meat and eggs, olive oil, cork, jams, vegetables. And, at last, you can star watch at night when all the lights go off over Casa No Tempo. Then, you finally will understand why we have called it «Timeless Home».

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