Algarve – My first Home

I was born in Faro, Algarve. My mum is a true «Algarvia». My father instead grew up in Alentejo. So to be precise, I'm actually half «Alentejana». But somehow the slowness, that the region is known for, wasn't passed on to me, unfortunately. As a child I used to envy all those classmates going on holidays to countries far away, to exotic places. They were exploring the world and I was «stuck» with Portugal, every single year. As soon as I turned 18, I started traveling the world, finally! But my conclusion is, there is no more magical place than Portugal. Its diversity, friendliness and big heart welcomes all nations to feel like at home. For me it became again sort of home. A home I feel relaxed in. The economic crisis of this beautiful country fills me with sadness and I truly hope that one day we'll get over it. So far, I try to get it back rolling with my vacation expenses (poor bank account of mine).

Now enough of «blabla» about me. You're here to learn about the Algarve not my philosophical thoughts. If you're looking for beaches, sun, good and fresh food (best fish and «marisco» (seafood) in this planet!), water sports and relaxation, visit the Algarve. If you feel like partying, no worries there's plenty of that too. But actually I have to ask my sister about that - she's the young party girl, I'm the boring old one. And families, you're very welcome too. Besides the rocky beaches on the west coast, we have plenty of clam and wide beaches on the east coast (and less touristic).

To be honest, I have so many places on my mind that I really don't know where to begin. So let me just start with some of my favorite spots:

West Coast

Restaurant: O Paulo, Arrifana. Go for dinner, the sunset is a killer.

Stay: Herdade Quinta Natura, Aljezur. Amazing breakfast, very cozy and friendly owner. Very quiet, it feels like living in the jungle, not joking.

Do: Surf at Arrifana Beach. Perfect for beginners, simply book a class at the beach the day before.

Visit: Cabo São Vicente, Sagres. The most southwesterly extremity of Europe. Be sure to always have a jacket with you, very windy.

East Coast

Restaurant: Aquasul, Tavira. Make reservation! There are a bit slow sometimes, but we're on holidays, right?

Stay: Casa Modesta, Olhão. Visit the seafood festival in August.

Do: Kite Surf with Eolis.

Visit: Tavira, UNESCO World Heritage.

Praia da Bordeira, Aljezur

Praia das Cabanas, Tavira

Salinas Castro Marim

Arrifana Beach, Aljezur

Praia Deserta, Faro

Dinner at my parents. Sorry folks! But if you ask nicely, they might cook for you too :)

Praia da Marinha, Lagoa

Cabo de São Vicente, Sagres

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