Taste of Portugal is an online platform based on its founder‘s passion: travel, design and handcraft. Liliana Belchior was born in Portugal but grew up in Switzerland. In 2016 she started blogging about her first homeland. She loves the slow kind of life and this has a big impact on her traveling habits. Today, Liliana travels mostly with her husband Mike. Without him and her dear friends' and partners' support, Taste of Portugal would never be alive.

With Taste of Portugal we aim to share Portugal‘s most beautiful places, its colourful culture and kind people. Furthermore, we intend to preserve the traditional Portuguese handcraft by sharing it with the world. On one hand we promote young and ancient Portuguese labels and on the other hand, we try to stay creative ourselves.


Liliana Belchior

Founder & Creative Director


Mike Kurt

Investor & Passionate Traveler

Pictures by Vanda Scazzari